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 We have a comprehensive stock of clean & tidy second hand YAMAHA MIKUNI carburettor parts. We can supply you with good usable parts for a fraction of the cost of buying new plus lots of items that are now no longer available from Yamaha. All items are checked before dispatch to make sure you don`t receive a diaphragm with a hole or a float that won`t float !

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 Modern fuel, Old motorcycle carbs & Ultrasonic cleaning….

Take one set of motorcycle carburettors, add some petrol & leave untouched for several months ( or years if possible ) in the back of your shed to mature.  Yes dear reader a sure fire way to create some nicely gummed up or possibly completely wrecked carbs. If you are really unlucky you might find yourself standing in a strangers back garden looking at a motorcycle that has received this sort of treatment & you may be considering purchasing said machine. No doubt the vendor will say something like they haven’t tried to start the bike since dragging it out or the carbs might need a bit of a clean. The bottom line is, if you are looking at a bike that has stood unused for a long period of time just be aware of what sort of mess the carbs can be in.

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 Leaving bikes with fuel in the system has always been a bad idea but since they started adding things such as “BIOETHANOL” to the mix the problem seems to have gotten worse. From what we read it`s a chemical that absorbs water in what ever form it finds it, liquid or as condensation on the inside of your fuel tank. At some point the Ethanol reaches a saturation overload point & decides to separate itself out again. All the water it has collected is then fee to fall on mass to the bottom of your bikes fuel tank. The best & most fun form of defence against acquiring large amounts of water in your fuel system is Step 1 fill tank up with nice new fuel,  Step 2 ride bike until tank is empty  Step 3 repeat steps 1, 2  & don’t stop repeating until you sell the bike.

You might be thinking at this point that one of those nice & affordable Ultrasonic Cleaners can save the day & undo all this terrible carburettor neglect. They promise so much, their never ending tide of ultrasonic waves together with a splash of super top secret formula “carburettor cleaning detergent” will gently massage away all the dirt, grot & years of abuse. You can even buy one that is large enough to take a complete bank of four carburettors in one go. Just fill the tank, drop the carbs in, switch on &  wander off to watch TV for an hour. On your return you will find a set of gleaming like new carbs. If only. More often than not there will still be quite a lot of baked on dirt in all those little nooks & crannies. As for the inside of the float bowl, that will still be as dirty as before only now it`s full of cleaning solution / water.

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The truth of the matter is pretty much the same as when using the dish washer in the kitchen. If you want good results, all the heavy deposits need to be removed before stacking the dishes inside the machine. Anybody who tells you that you can achieve a clean as a whistle result both inside & out by simply dropping the complete & still assembled carb unit into the tank of an ultrasonic cleaning machine & then switching it on for an hour is kidding both you & themselves. The top & bottom of it is the outside of the carbs will probably need a good old scrub to remove most of the baked on crud before they go anywhere near an ultrasonic cleaner. And the only way to properly clean the inside of a carburettor & all the individual components is to completely strip it down before it goes into the tank. The jets will probably need a poke with a proper jet cleaning tool too ! So yes ultrasonic carb cleaners do work & can take carburettor cleanliness to a new level but most of the time it`s only after a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.

One thing to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing a set of extremely clean looking carburettors from the internet. As you probably already know most ultrasonic cleaning solution mixture is 90% water & If a vendor has just plopped the whole lot into a large ultrasonic cleaner for an hour but then not bothered to strip them down properly afterwards. How long have the carbs been sat on a shelf full of cleaning solution / water droplets before you came along & bought them ?  YAMPART.COM

WATCH OUT !  An ebay purchase that was listed as only needing a bit of a clean up.
WATCH OUT ! An ebay purchase that was listed as only needing a bit of a clean up.
As a test carb was blast cleaned. Note how corrosion has eaten away at casting.
As an experiment the carb body was blast cleaned. Note how the corrosion has eaten away at the alloy casting.


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